Channel Type – Social Media Posts

14 ☛Find New Customers With Social Media Platform Posts

By first creating a loyal following on Instagram through her focus on plus-sized women, shopping, fashion, and body positivity, the social media algorithms put Katie Sturino’s posts in front of an audience that became wildly passionate about her message. When she launched her product line, “Megababe”, she went viral


Channel 34 / DECISION / Social Media Platform Posts

About Channel 34 Did you know that you can sell directly on many social media platforms?  Two examples are Facebook (Meta) and YouTube.  You can also list your products in Google For Retail, so your products appear individually at the top of search results.  As platforms begin to incorporate shops,


Channel 44 / VALIDATION / Website Pages & Blog Articles

About Channel 44 Your customers will likely be subscribed to your social profiles, so posting offers, insider info and news that will automatically appear on their feed will help maintain a connection with them, and continue building trust that you are a brand that they want to be associated with.


Channel 54 / PROMOTE / Social Media Posts

I would like to repeat a Russel Bronson quote that I gave to you earlier in the book.  He says, “When we’re looking at any opportunity, we have to decide if it will make us appear smarter, happier, more stylish, more wealthy, more powerful, or more attractive. All of these


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