Channel Type – Digital & Print Ads, Swag

15 ☛Find New Customers With Paid Ads

When you have a brand new product that is a complete disruptor and is also about a problem that is rarely discussed in public, you have to go bold or go home. This period underwear’s launch campaign was so striking that it made the news!


Channel 25 / CONSIDERATION / Paid Ads

If your customer is in the consideration phase, they are aware of their problem, and are beginning to look at options that will solve that problem.  Algorithms know what searches and exploration people are doing around the periphery of your or your competitors. If it is a “retargeting ad”, it


Channel 35 / DECISION / Paid Ads

About Channel 35 If you are set up properly, by the time a potential customer is ready to make a decision, they likely will have engaged with you at some point, whether it be on a social profile, your website, or via a form or email.  There are three types


Channel 45 / VALIDATION / Paid Ads & SWAG

About Channel 45 Because you already have multiple communication channels that you can use to reach your customers, you do not need to invest in ads for already existing customers.  You may wish to have a retargeting ad that is being shown to an upload of your email list, with


Channel 55 / PROMOTE / Paid Ads

About Channel 55 The most obvious (and fun) way to get your customers to advertise for you is through branded merchandise.  With the wide range of options for printing on every type of object you can imagine, creating a fun experience for your customers with branded merchandise will give you


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