Use Ai to create and animate images that match your brand aesthetic.

You may want to use Ai generated images, but you want them to match the quality and visual aesthetic of your brand.  In this article I describe how we identified a prompt that would consistently generate images that stay true to the story we want to tell about who we are.

So, here’s the deal: creating AI images is like exploring a new, exciting world where your imagination is the only limit. Whether you’re a budding artist, a content wizard, or just someone who’s super curious about mixing art with tech, there’s a place for you in this awesome AI art journey.

Learn from our experimentation with Ai Images
We were on a mission: to create a bunch of images that scream “This is us!” After a bit of trial and error (and a lot of coffee), we found prompts that hit the jackpot. Want to know our secret recipe? Here’s a sneak peek:

Sample Prompts and the Magic They Created:

Going Vintage Futurist with Edward Hopper Vibes

The updated version of ChatGPT does not allow you to request the influence of artist works created after 1912.  This prompt was all about capturing a minimalist painting style with a touch of futurism, making our brand feel relatable, creative and human yet edgy.

Below is the prompt that we created through trial and error. 

“Generate an oil painting inspired by the case study below in quotes. The  painting is in a style known as mid-century modern realism with rough brush strokes.  This style is characterized by its use of light and shadow to convey mood and emotion, often capturing moments of stillness or contemplation. The scenes typically include elements of 20th-century architecture and design, with a focus on everyday life and settings like diners, streets, and interior spaces. The artwork should evoke a sense of timeless narrative, where the viewer is drawn into a moment of silent storytelling, reflecting on the deeper, often unspoken experiences of the figures depicted.”

Here are the sample images generated using our prompt.

Street-Smart Art à la Banksy

This edgy, street-art style helped us make bold, inclusive statements, perfectly aligning with our brand’s creative and welcoming spirit.

“Generate an image inspired by the business overview below.  The image should show a street scene with art on a wall.  The art should embrace an edgy street-art stencil graffiti style.  It should be displayed on a large urban surface in an American city such as a brick wall, abandoned building, or other rough surface. It is crucial that the image does not include any political issues, and religious characters should be avoided in any form. The entire image should be rendered in a limited color palette with white, black, and one muted color, the scene should feature bold stenciled imagery.  The art should refrain from negative, angry, or violent themes and steer clear of political or world issues. Instead, infuse the graffiti with a sense of artistic positivity.  The texture of the surface should show through the art.”

Here are the sample images generated using our prompt.

Creating AI images is all about giving the right prompts to make the magic happen smoothly. Let’s dive into some key tips to consider while crafting those prompts:

  • Get Detailed with Your Descriptions

It’s like telling a story. The more vivid your details, the better your AI artwork will be. Want a sky that’s not just blue but turquoise with streaks of gold? How about a cat with a patch of white fur shaped like a heart? Go for it! The more specific you are with colors, shapes, and unique features, the more your image will pop.

  • Play with Different Art Styles

Ever dreamt of seeing your ideas in the style of a famous artist? Or maybe you’re curious about futuristic or 3D art? Here’s your chance to experiment. Whether it’s mimicking classic brushstrokes or exploring avant-garde digital art, have fun with it. Your imagination is the limit!

  • Keep an Eye on the Rules

Each AI art platform has its own do’s and don’ts. A quick look at the rules can save you time and keep things running smoothly. It’s like having a roadmap for your creative journey – it helps you steer clear of any bumps along the way. Click here to view the full list of restrictions for DALL-E.


Bringing Your Ai Images to Life: A Fun and Easy Guide to Ai Animation

Got some cool AI-generated images but itching to take them a step further? Let’s add a sprinkle of motion and make them come alive! Here’s a super simple and fun way to animate your AI artwork:

  1. Head over to the Runway website at [].
  2. Register or sign up for FREE.
  3. Upload your image and watch as it transforms into a dynamic, moving piece.
  4. If you’re not satisfied, feel free to regenerate and make adjustments to achieve the perfect animated result.

Give it a try, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or want to share your AI creations.The possibilities are endless, and the world of AI art is yours to explore. Happy creating


Creating and animating images that reflect your brand’s personality and creativity is totally doable and a whole lot of fun. Dive in, enjoy the process, and watch as your ideas come to life in the most dynamic way.