Top 50 World’s Best Restaurants – A Digital Marketing Study

Worlds 50 Best Restaurants

In mid-July, 2022, the website announced their 2022 selections for “The 50 Best Restaurants In The World”.  Following is a description of how they got the word out!  Community was critical.  When you are giving out awards, it certainly helps to give out 50, and then to also post 51-100.  Every single award winner will be talking about their award and sharing it with their community.  That was certainly the case for this organization!


  • Hosted a live in-person and streaming event in London


  • Utilized WebPuzzle as their digital content vendor
  • Updated their home page to display an introduction to the winners.
  • Created a page for each winner
  • Sent email to subscribers notifying of the winners



Social Media

  • Uploaded one photo for each of the winners to their Facebook Page
  • Utilized the hashtag #Worlds50Best on Instagram
  • Posted Stories on Instagram
  • Updated LinkTree with new list link
  • Released YouTube videos of the ceremony, and about the restaurants
  • The hash tag #50bestrestaurants was picked up on TikTok and used not only by the winners, but by foodies wanting to join in the food celebration.



BOLDCRAFT Framework Study

The 50 Best organization appears to get much of their funding from sponsors, who become partners with the promise of gaining exposure to a broad audience of foodies. 

Restaurants are chosen by foodie experts.  Restaurants do not pay to be considered.

They run ads on their website for additional income.  Amazingly, there is not an opt-in on their website.  Below is our framework digram.  We have highlighted in green the Communication Channels that they utilized for this particular launch.