Content Topics:  Educate, cover all options including your competitors, show your expertise.

      People who are in the consideration phase have identified that there is in fact a solution to their problem, or an object for their desire, and are now looking at options.  They may have decided that their vacation will be a cruise, or that their exercise will be joining a gym.  They may have decided that they are going to take a class to learn more about X.

      The Consideration Level Channel Touchpoints

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      20 ☛ Educate Potential Customers With Blog Articles

      When walking down aisles of Home Depot you don’t imagine an army of writers, videographers and graphic designers publishing content in a Mac Lab. But creating educational and how-to articles and videos so their customers can use their products effectively is a strategy that Home Depot has used very

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      Channel 23 / CONSIDERATION / Video Apps

      Professionally Produced Video:  As mentioned above, professional video can be costly, so reserving its use for customers closer to making a decision is recommended so that you maximize your ROI.  The Consideration level is an excellent place to start.  Because you are going to use the appropriate script, hashtags and

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      Channel 25 / CONSIDERATION / Paid Ads

      If your customer is in the consideration phase, they are aware of their problem, and are beginning to look at options that will solve that problem.  Algorithms know what searches and exploration people are doing around the periphery of your or your competitors. If it is a “retargeting ad”, it

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      Channel 27 / CONSIDERATION / Partners

      About Channel 27 Partners are important all along the customer journey.  The type of referral partner that will be valuable to you in the CONSIDERATION Level will be a partner who is an expert in your industry, and will recommend you specifically as a resource.  One example is that a

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      Channel 28 / CONSIDERATION / Mobile Apps

      About Channel 28 Many brands have begun using apps to entice people to engage with their brand.  Often there is a free set of features that are available on apps, and then there are upgrades available.  Offering a free trial or even a completely free set of features is a

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      Channel 29 / CONSIDERATION / Metaverse

      About Channel 29 Having presence anywhere in the Metaverse shows that you are on the cutting edge of technology, and that being out and ahead of everyone is a part of your brand story.  Having an interactive way for potential customers to engage with your brand, products, and services before

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