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The Customer Journey & Lead Funnel

The AWARENESS Level: Channels 10-19

AWARENESS Level - Customer becomes aware of a problem and a desire.

The way search engines see it, people who are in the awareness category are just learning about their problem and are exploring possible solutions or answers.  They are not aware of you, and likely have not visited your website, or engaged with your social media.  They may have visited your competitor’s content, or have done searches around the subjects that you have content about.  

Focus on your customer’s problem, their desire, and their future self if their desire is fulfilled or their problem solved.


The CONSIDERATION Level: Channels 20-29

CONSIDERATION LEVEL - Customer is looking at possible options

People who are in the consideration phase have identified that there is in fact a solution to their problem, or an object for their desire, and are now looking at options.  They may have decided that their vacation will be a cruise, or that their exercise will be joining a gym.  They may have decided that they are going to take a class to learn more about X.

The PURCHASE Level:  Channels 30-39

PURCHASE LEVEL - Customer is examining details and then making a decision.

When you properly set up your analytics, any click on a page, form filled out, or purchase made on your website by a customer is recorded. An online purchase should be recorded by your eCommerce system, an online form, Google Analytics, Meta, and any other analytical tools you have integrated with your website. When a visitor becomes a paying customer, it is important to take note that they become a valuable and recognized target for your competitors’ ads.

The LOYALTY Level:   Channels 40-49

LOYALTY LEVEL - Customer seeks internal and external validation of their purchase.

Once a customer has a made a purchase from you, it is important to recognize that they have invested not only their heard earned money, but also the time that it took to sort through competing options, take a closer look at you, and make that decision.  They have invested in you.  They want to feel that they made a good choice.  Follow up after purchase will determine whether or not they will continue as a customer, and even recommend you.

The ADVOCACY Level: Channels 50-59

ADVOCACY Level - Customer raises their status by sharing their purchase with others.

When you have built a trusted relationship with your customers, they will feel confident in recommending you.  They will want to be the one who made that good recommendation to their friend or colleague.  The key is to make it easy for them to share.  You should be sharing client stories, stories about the community around your business, and providing opportunities for referrals, and affiliate relationships if that works with your model.