• Jasmine's Decision Journey

      About The DISCOVERY Level

      In the DISCOVERY Level, your future customer is becoming aware of a problem or a desire, and they are imagining their future selves.  In our story above, lead engineer Jasmine has realized that she is working too much, and is needing to exercise.

      The way search engines see it, people who are in the DISCOVERY level have just realized their desire, or are just learning about their problem.  They have begun exploring possible solutions or answers.  They are thinking about where they want to be…how they will look/feel when their problem is solved.  They have a future self that they want to make a reality.  They may not be aware of you, and likely have not visited your website, or engaged with your social media.  They may have done searches around the subjects that you have content about.  

      Focus on your customer’s interests, their desire, and their future self, if their problem solved.

      Article Title Examples: 

      Problem:  “How sitting at your desk for long hours reduces muscle tone..”

      Desire:  “10 Exercises that tone your body fast!”

      Future Self:  “Planning a trip to somewhere tripical?  Feel your best when you step off the plane!”

      Photo Examples: 

      Instead of showing images of the problem, which can be a turn-off in most scenarios, show images of the desire and future self.  Examples could be footprints on the sand, a woman sitting on a beach chair, or running and laughing.

      The DISCOVERY Channel Touchpoints

      11 ☛ Find New Customers With Sales & Lead Pages?

      Attempting the hard-sell to strangers will not bring in long-term loyal customers. Spraying perfume on unsuspecting passers-by is too overbearing. People usually want to get to know you a bit first, and to see if your product or business fits in with the vision they have of themselves.

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      13 ☛ Find New Customers With Video

      You don’t expect to see cows snuggling up to adorable guys who look like they stepped off a MUNI train in San Francisco appear on your LinkedIn feed. But through video is how Dan McKernan brought a primarily corporate audience into his vision of creating a refuge for injured

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      14 ☛Find New Customers With Social Media Platform Posts

      By first creating a loyal following on Instagram through her focus on plus-sized women, shopping, fashion, and body positivity, the social media algorithms put Katie Sturino’s posts in front of an audience that became wildly passionate about her message. When she launched her product line, “Megababe”, she went viral

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      15 ☛Find New Customers With Paid Ads

      When you have a brand new product that is a complete disruptor and is also about a problem that is rarely discussed in public, you have to go bold or go home. This period underwear’s launch campaign was so striking that it made the news!

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      16 ☛Find New Customers With Events – Live & Virtual

      Free delicious samples of herbed cheese, heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil and glazed balsamic vinegar is sure to draw attention at a business showcase fair. The incredible aromas float through the crowd of hungry people. This is how Miyoko Schinner introduced her completely vegan cheese to an unsuspecting crowd.

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      17 ☛Find New Customers Through Partners

      By partnering with AirBnb, this new water bike company, Spinout fitness was able to reach a global audience of travelers. Leveraging an already existing fan base that is primed for your product or service is absolutely the fastest way to grow your customer list.

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      18 ☛Find New Customers With Mobile Apps

      There are not many ways to use mobile apps to reach completely new people unless they are being recruited by friends or colleagues. Mobile apps are typically used to improve the experience of existing customers, or to meet existing customer’s connections.

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      19 ☛Find New Customers In The Metaverse

      Most of the population exploring and experiencing various worlds in the metaverse are kids. Strange thing about kids, they get older every year, and one day they will be old enough to drive and buy a car. Vehicle makers are thinking ahead by creating experiences for young people

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