You want to set a course for your business

Most CEOs feel frustrated that marketing is a necessary yet inexplicable part of doing business.  The BASE3 Framework brings structure to marketing and provides a tool for communication and collaboration between you, and your marketing, sales, and technology teams.

Get a 30 minute introduction

In a thirty-minute introduction, you will receive an overview of how to use the BASE3 chart to explain your initiatives and direct your team.   The chart uses the human decision-making process and a numbered channel system to enable documentation. We will use the chart to identify where you are active, and where your marketing needs to be more focused.

After your introductory session, the next step is to have a guided collaborative meeting with your marketing and tech leads.  The chart will be used to build a common language and overall strategy alignment. 

BASE3 Call Overview:

  • Goals
  • Customer Segments
  • S.M.A.R.T. Marketing Objectives
  • Planning A Campaign

How does the chart work?

By defining digital marketing as 1.  The customer journey, 2. aided by algorithms, and 3. supported by your outreach, we can use the diagram to strategize, and document marketing initiatives. 

BASE 3 sketched campaign

The chart has three main areas:  The customer journey, the content theme recommendations, and the channel numbering system.  An initiative begins with identifying what group of customers you want to focus on.  You determine where they are in their journey, and work your way across the chart.  The adjacent image illustrates the current marketing activities of a client.  The black circles are areas where they are active, and the areas where they are missing activity is in red.  During our call we will go through your marketing tactics and identify those red areas where you are missing opportunities.