The most important marketing lecture you will ever attend.

Wendy Louise Wilder

No more vague confusing guess work.  There can be logic behind your digital marketing strategy.

How To Make Digital Marketing Decisions  

Learn how to make strategic digital marketing decisions for your business in a 30 minute live training session.  Optional brainstorming after.

Zoom Training Session

Select Wednesdays
12:00 PM – 12:30  PM PST

Brainstorming Session after

Topics Covered

  • Where to start!
  • How digital marketing actually works.
  • How to create a digital journey for your customers.
  • What content to create and where to put it.
  • How to sketch out a campaign with BASE3.
BASE 3 sketched campaign
Apply The Three Certainties to engage search & social algorithms that guide your customer to a purchase.

Become the marketing expert your business needs

Learn how to use the BASE 3 chart to guide your marketing decisions

Jasmine showing the BOLDCRAFT Chart

I need a poster of this chart for my wall! ”  ~Damien

The BASE 3 Chart

Whether you manage a marketing team, collaborate with a marketing team, or you ARE the marketing team, during this LIVE session you will be clearly shown how digital marketing elements work together, how you can play nice with algorithms, and how to determine which marketing activities will achieve your goals.  

I appreciate coming away and thinking, oh, there are actually some concrete things I can start with even today ”  ~Katy

Concert hall in Los Angeles

With a solid framework you can create the most beautiful buildings in the world.  So it is with digital marketing.  You can create a powerful experience for your customer’s journey. [Photo Credits Below*]

We will examine:

  • Your customer’s decision-making process
  • How to use content to engage algorithms
  • What channels are best to support your customer.

Channels Examined:

  • Website Content
  • Sales Pages
  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Video
  • Paid Ads
  • Events
  • Partners
  • Apps
  • The Metaverse


  • Gain the ability to make strategic marketing decisions.
  • Have an understanding of how algorithms match content with people.
  • Learn how to use BASE 3 to make informed decisions about digital marketing in collaboration with your current or future team.
  • How to create a “Digital Blitz”, which is a campaign that guides your customer’s entire journey (see chart below).

My goal is to provide a planning & collaboration tool for web developers, designers, marketers, and business managers.

Wendy Louise Nog - Boldcraft Architect

“I heard too many times that digital marketing seems like everything all over the place all of the time.  I created BOLDCRAFT to bring clarity to your marketing decisions.” ~Wendy

Instructor:  Wendy Louise Nog,
BASE3 Architect
Director of Digital Strategy

The BASE3  Digital Elements Chart clearly explains how to guide your customer’s journey by combining human behavior, algorithms, & your outreach.

More Quotes:

this supports the marketing we are doing and makes me feel good about some of the decisions we have made.  It also shows me what areas we really need to focus on.”  ~Damien, founder of fitness company

Having some good clear starting points, and the ability to work with & visualize, ‘I am going to target this particular group & this is the kind of message I want to give to that group I think is going to be very useful.’”  ~Janet

Invaluable information whether you are a seasoned business owner, like myself, or new.”  ~Benefits Business Owner


If you do not feel that this class increases your understanding of how digital marketing works and can be used to grow your business, you can request a 100% refund.

*Photo Credits:  LA Downtown News and John O’Neill