Instagram algorithms explained by Adam Mosseri

Instagram Tiktok Video

On May 31, 2023 Adam Mosseri released a video and article explaining how rankings work in Instagram.  If you listen carefully, you can get a picture of how algorithms match people with content.  It is based on engagement history and interest.

Most algorithms on social media and other platforms will work in a similar way.  This can inform your own content strategy as you create content for your current followers, and also to be shown to a new audience.

“We start by defining the set of things we plan to rank in the first place. With Feed we consider recent posts shared by the people you follow, as well as posts from accounts you don’t already follow that we think you might be interested in. We determine what you might be interested in based on a variety of factors, including what and whom you’ve followed, liked or engaged with recently. We personalize the experience for you to try to strike a balance between content from accounts you follow with content from accounts you don’t follow but might be interested in.”

Threads TikTok Video

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