You want to set a course for your business

Many CEOs are frustrated that marketing is opaque and constantly changing, which can prevent them from setting a predictable course for their business.  The BASE3 model brings logic and structure to marketing plus a language that enables constructive collaboration between leadership, marketing, sales, product and technology teams.

Attend a 50 minute BASE3 lecture designed for CEO’s

BASE3 Training Overview:

  • Three Certainties in Digital marketing
  • Six Numbers You Need To Watch
  • Your Customer’s Decision Journey
  • How To Identify Opportunities
  • How to direct your team


One year subscription to the BASE3 Model website.

How does the BASE3 chart work?


By defining digital marketing as 1.  The customer journey, 2. aided by algorithms, and 3. supported by your outreach, we can use the chart to plan and execute your customer’s buying journey.